To perform well and have energy in today’s fast-paced environment, our bodies need unprocessed and fresh meals. Our daily routines leave little room for conscious food decisions, let alone preparation. We believe that food you put in your body should not only be a great source of energy to get you through your day, but also be bursting with taste and flavour. Our salads, cold press juices,Gluten free soups and our unique world curries that we make from scratch and fresh every day will help you make healthier food choices easily and efficiently


Our Food

We provide simple delicious healthy authentic food with flavour using local fresh ingredients. 

Our Suppliers

We work together with our local farmers and work within the seasons to bring the best from farm to fork.

Our Honesty

All of our whole foods are prepared in our kitchen fresh on a daily basis by passionate chefs that care and love what they do

Our Customers

Every day build meaningful relationships with our customers and knowing their wants and needs is important.


In 2014 I was ready to come home to Ireland and pour all that Michelin & 5 star hotel experience from around the world into something new and of my own, . LovingSalads was born. With the great support of my family and friends I was able to build a complete kitchen-unit next to our house, grow some of our own produce, set up and sell at the local farmers markets and cater for events. We soon gathered a regular following of customers that really liked & enjoyed what we were doing with our style of salads & food. 

Over the next 3 years we opened up our shop in 15 & 16 Academy street, moved into a larger kitchen unit that oversees all of our cooking, take part in food festivals, farmers markets, outside catering, private dinner events and much more. With new projects and events coming up we keep striving forward in what we do best and that’s keeping our customers happy with our style of cooking

Jason Carroll, Loving Salads Founder